Experience Rönne å in the best way

Paddle with Stisses

Exciting paddling in calm waters for the whole family

1-4 hours
Start and finish at Stisses
250 kr/person

Pleasant journey along Rönne å

2-6 hours
690 kr/person

Friendly tour with strong nature experiences

2 days
About three hours of paddling per day
Total about 20 km
990 kr/person

Challenging paddling in beautiful nature

2 days - approx. 5h paddling/day
3 days - approx. 3.5h paddling/day
4 days - about 2.5h paddling/day
Total about 50 km
1090 kr/person

Memorable team building

We tailor a memorable and sustainable team-building activity for your company
From 390kr/person excl. VAT

Educational outdoor life

Give your students outdoor life, knowledge of paddling, and insight into the importance of collaboration.
From 160 kr/student excl. VAT

Satisfied customers... - not something we strive towards

Many players in the experience and tourism industry focus on putting the customer first and on getting satisfied customers. Honestly, is there any player who doesn't? We want to take it a step further. For us, satisfied customers are not enough. We want to exceed customer expectations. We want delighted customers. Customers who want to paddle again and who also tell friends and acquaintances how delighted they are :-)

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We work for the health of children and young people

We, who run Stisses, have had the privilege of working on projects and activities that promote the health of children and young people for many years in various contexts. We believe that all children benefit from being active, and we believe that most children want to do outdoor activities with their families. Therefore, it is natural for us that all children under 10 years old should paddle for free.

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Sustainable Tourism

For us, sustainable tourism means taking responsibility to satisfy our customers' needs without jeopardizing the ability of future generations to satisfy their needs. We categorize our sustainability work into the following three areas:

In concrete terms, today we do the following:

Examples of actions we do not currently take but are working on finding a solution:

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